Blow Back Rig

  • The Carp Spirit Blow Back Rig is constructed using Camo Core hooklink and a Razor Point LS (Long Shank) Hook.
  • The Long Shank pattern is perfect for the micro ring to slide along when the fish tries to eject the bait leaving the hook point clear and increasing the chances of finding a hold.
  • A Carp Spirit Kicker line aligner is also added to the rig to aid rapid turning of the hook point.
  • This versatile rig is perfect for use with both bottom baits and pop-ups.
  • Expertly hand tied, using Carp Spirit components throughout, a quick change size 8 swivel is used with a mini anti tangle sleeve for added neatness.
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Product CodeBreaking Strain (lb)Hook SizeHook TypeSwivel SizeQuantity
ACS34004525No 4Razor Point Long Shank - Barbed8x1
ACS34004625No 6Razor Point Long Shank - Barbed8x1
ACS34004725No 8Razor Point Long Shank - Barbed8x1