KD Rig

  • The KD rig is tied in such a way so that the eye of the hook becomes light and the hook point heavy.
  • Best fished with slow sinking critically balanced baits or a pop-up with a small split shot directly under the bait to act as a counter balance.
  • The hook retains an incredible amount of free movement making this a very effective rig that is renowned for good hook holds and has accounted for numerous big fish.
  • Expertly tied with using Carp Spirit Camo-Core hooklink material and a Razor Point SCS (Short Curve Shank) for perfect presentation.
  • A quick change size 8 swivel is used with a mini anti tangle sleeve for added neatness.
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Product CodeLength (cm)Breaking Strain (lb)Hook SizeHook TypeSwivel SizeQuantity
ACS34006425No 2Razor Point Short Curve Shank - Barbed8x1
ACS34006525No 4Razor Point Short Curve Shank - Barbed8x1
ACS34006625No 6Razor Point Short Curve Shank - Barbed8x1
ACS34006725No 8Razor Point Short Curve Shank - Barbed8x1