Re-Action Braid

  • Fast Sinking Braid.
  • Re-Action braid is a fast sinking, super soft, supple braid for hook lengths and particularly ideal for PVA bag presentation.
  • Made from a blend of Dyneema and polyester RE-Action has superb knot strength & abrasion resistance.
  • Available in either Camo Green or Camo Brown.


Product CodeColourLength (m)Breaking Strain (kg)Breaking Strain (lb)RRP £
ACS640058Camo Green206.80157.99
ACS640059Camo Green209.10207.99
ACS640060Camo Green2011.30257.99
ACS640061Camo Green2015.90357.99
ACS640062Camo Brown206.80157.99
ACS640063Camo Brown209.10207.99
ACS640064Camo Brown2011.30257.99
ACS640065Camo Brown2015.90357.99