Riga Mortis

  • Super Stiff – Chod Hooklink.
  • RIGA-MORTIS is the Ultimate Chod & Stiff-Link material.
  • The ultra-high memory ensures that the shape of your chod rig is retained during the cast.
  • It can easily be curved between your thumb and forefinger or straightened by simply stretching between two Muli-Pull tools.
  • Available in either Lo-Vis Green or Lo-Vis Brown.
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Product CodeColourLength (m)Breaking Strain (kg)Breaking Strain (lb)
ACS640050Low-Viz Brown206.8015
ACS640051Low-Viz Brown209.1020
ACS640052Low-Viz Brown2011.3025
ACS640053Low-Viz Green206.8015
ACS640054Low-Viz Green209.1020
ACS640055Low-Viz Green2011.3025